Do you have alternative contact details?

Yes, if you can't reach us, please try the following number: 081 544 4552. If that number is also unavailable, 068 085 9349 can be tried. 

What is Self-Storage and what makes PODit unique?

Self-storage is an easy and affordable way for you to lock and store your goods. PODit is a mobile storage company, meaning that we deliver our PODs to your doorstep!
You lock the units and we take it back to be safely stored in our warehouse, until you request a delivery or collect your items.

How can I benefit from this service?

PODit can be used for many purposes such as decluttering office spaces, vacating student residences over the holidays, storing pensioners' items and safekeeping household items during moving. You benefit because we simplify the often stressful process of moving and storage - our online system is super simple to navigate and we have dedicated staff that can answer all your questions and aid you however you might need help. Just give us a call! 

Who can use Podit Self-Storage?

The brief answer is: everyone!
Self-storage at PODit can be used as: 
  • An extension of your home; a place to store items to free up space.
  • A business storage solution to de-clutter your shop or office.
  • A convenient way to hold stock for businesses in Stellenbosch.
  • Temporary storage space for household items and furniture when moving homes. 
  • Storage for fifiles and admin.
  • Student storage! Students often need to vacate residences over holidays or store books and furniture, and that's what we're here for.

Do I need insurance?

We advise all clients to insure their belongings. If you do not have your own personal insurance, then we highly recommend Intasure. PODit will not be held responsible for damage to items between transit. PODit insures the POD's contents in the storage area against fire and storms.

How does delivery work?

  • Log into your profile on our website under login/register and specify when and where your possessions should be collected.
  • We bring a mobile storage POD to your door.
  • The POD is transported back to our warehouse and stored until you request that it be delivered back.
By using a “Pick-up or deliver it” you will eliminate unnecessary double handling of your belongings, save time, money and most importantly - it reduces the risk of damage to your goods.

What are your office hours?

Our warehouse is open from 08:00 - 17:00 from Monday through Friday. On weekends we are open by appointment. Please contact us via email ( ) or WhatsApp or call us ( 073 0066 404 or alternatively 081 5444 552 ). Access to units over weekends and after hours by prior arrangement only. 

Do you only offer delivery in Stellenbosch?

No, we deliver up to 100km from our Stellenbosch warehouse. If you are unsure whether your location is within range, simply make a booking, enter your address and if it's close enough, the fee will be calculated and shown.

Do you sell moving supplies?

Yes, you can view all the items we sell at our online shop. To order supplies, you need to create an account first.

How do I make my monthly payments after my initial payment?

Login on our website and pay for the month or pay the total amount for the hiring period.

Will large moving trucks be able to enter the site?

Yes, all of our branches can accommodate moving trucks.

When do I pay?

All payments are to be made at the start of the month. Our invoices are generated automatically online and can be downloaded under "transactions”. We also offer direct online payment options.

Can I make use of my own transportation?

Yes, you are welcome to. If you want to use movers, please contact us and we'll share the details of trusted moving companies near you.

How do I schedule for my POD to be brought back after the rental period?

Simply log in, click on "Manage my units" and click to end the rent and schedule delivery.

How do I know what size I need?

You can view our size guide for the dimensions and see whether your items will fit.
Alternatively you can also contact us and ask for assistance.

What is the minimum time to rent a storage unit?

PODit operates by month to month contracts. Months are calculated in calendar months and not in 30-day cycles.

How can I access my storage unit?

Stellenbosch clients can visit their unit during normal office hours or they can contact us and schedule a time and date after hours. Paarl and Strand branches can be accessed using the key we share with you. We pride ourselves on providing access over weekends, holidays and after hours, but this has to be done by prior arrangement with one of our office staff members. 

Who has access to my POD?

Only you. Your POD can only accessed by you or someone you arrange with. Gates are opened via a virtual key that we share with you and you alone. To access PODS via delivery, they must be signed out for delivery on the website, on your profile. An SMS notification containing a code will be sent to your mobile number once your POD has been logged out and is ready for delivery. A PODit member will require the receiver of the pod for the unique identification code sent via SMS to be presented upon arrival to delivery destination. Our facilities are locked and armed from 17:00 pm to 07:00 am. On site Security cannot give access to anybody or disarm the storage area - it must be arranged before arrival. 

How safe is your storage facility?

It's almost like Fort Knox. All our facilities are enclosed yards with electrified fencing and infrared beams on the inside of the perimeter.  We have double alarm systems plus an external security patrol service. PODit also has a detection system for fire, smoke, water, vibration, motion, light and heat. This is accompanied by a 24 Hour CCTV surveillance in a well-lit facility. Keys to access the PODs are only kept by the users. PODit storage area can only be accessed by staff members via access control. An on-site resident manager can assist you with any problems, concerns or loading. Unregistered movers/helpers must be accompanied by a registered user at all times.

Can I store anything I want?

Our contract states what may and may not be stored. The contract can be viewed online before making a booking.

Do I need my own padlock?

Yes, all units require a lock from the client. You are welcome to buy a lock from our online shop or you can bring your own lock.