Pallet Storage is an effective and efficient way of storing your goods. On top of that, you quite literally pay only for the space you use. 

At PODIt Self Storage, you can store  any number of pallets, for any length of time. No deposit, no notice period, no long-term contracts. 

Additional benefits to you include: 

  • Quick and easy indoor loading and unloading
  • Forklift, forklift operators and pallet trucks on site
  • Pallet storage offers an effective and efficient way of storing good

Whether you as student or scholar need storage for: 

  • moving from a student residence to a flat or university or college residence,
  • vacating your residence room during holidays,
  • books, notes and supplies
  • taking a gap year or
  • studying abroad,


R95 - R185 / month

 Inside Dimensions: 1.2m W  x 1.0m D x 1.0m H 

Area: 1.2m² 

Volume: 1.2m³

R95 going over 1m

Rent Now 



  • Store as many pallets as you need - You can store just one single pallet or thousands of pallets, whichever you need.

  • Pay by the pallet or for the space you need - It's up to you.

  • Free fork lifting service - We will unload pallets for you.

  • Free delivery acceptance - We will receive deliveries for your business, even if you are not onsite.

  • Whether your company needs to store: 

    • Administrative filing
    • Long Term filing for SARS
    • Tools and Equipment
    • Slow moving stock items that you need to access only a few times a month or
    • Early stock arrivals needing short term storage,


You can manage your Pallet Storage units easily and conveniently from your smartphone or computer. On your profile you can change settings and view transactions, and order moving supplies.