Our storage units - PODS - are mobile in that we bring them right to your doorstep. You fill them up at home and we bring them back to the storage facility to be safely stored. You can either visit your POD at the store or you can book a delivery online - straight back to your doorstep! 


            These are mobile storage units that can be delivered to your doorstep

 (stored at and delivered within 100km radius from Stellenbosch only)

(Only 2 Mobile PODs can be delivered at a time)

(The first 45 minutes packing assistance is free of charge, thereafter you are billed at R650 per hour labour )

Due to the high demand of students storing. We can recommend Pallet storage as an alternative. 
R185 per pallet with the benefit of being delivered to your doorstep.
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R85 - R185 / month


  •  Inside Dimensions: 1.2m W  x 1.0m D x 1.0m H 
  • Area: 1.2m² 
  • Volume: 1.2m³
  • R95 going over 1m

Good for: 

  • stock storage
  • fulfilment storage
  • e-commerce storage
  • business storage
  • warehouse storage
  • No long term leases or commitments
  • Businesses that require pallet storage do not need to lease warehouses.
  • Storing with us is a cost effective way of doing business.

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R305 / month 

  •  Inside Dimensions: 0.9m W  x 0.9m H x 1.15m D
  • Area: 1m² 
  • Volume: 1m³

Good for: 

  • hostel room evacuation
  • hiking & sports gear
  • musical instruments & decor
  • annual returns & record keeping
  • fitting large appliances (dishwasher, bar fridge...)

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R410 / month 

  • Inside Dimensions: 0.9m W x 1.14m D x 2.0m H 
  • Area: 1m² 
  • Volume: 2.2m³

Good for: 

  • large sports & gym equipment (bicycle, surfboard, weights...)
  • camping gear (tents, fold-up chairs, cooking equipment...)
  • small furniture (TV, chairs, lamps, desk...)
  • large appliances (dishwasher, standard fridge...)

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R580 / month 

  • Inside Dimensions1.41m W  x 2.15m D x 2.0m H
  • Area: 2.4m² 
  • Volume: 6m³

Good for: 

  • moving house
  • long term rental
  • business stock
  • medium and some large furniture items (sofas, rugs, tables...)
  • Fits king sized bed
  • Fit large appliances (dishwasher, chest freezers, washing machine..)

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Our mobile storage is as convenient as it gets. We: 

  • deliver straight to your doorstep at the click of a button 
  • safely store your belongings until you need them again and 
  • we make sure that you and only you have access to your unit. 

Furthermore, we promise: 

  • no long-term contracts: you rent month-to-month
  • no deposit or admin fees 
  • simple, fully online processes 
  • weekend and after-hour access via prior arrangement