This simple and durable product utilises the vertical space above your parking bay to provide valuable and ergonomic storage space.

The Bonnet POD is the most efficient and cost effective storage solution on the market. Simple and easy to use, this POD offers you the chance at a minimalist and effective lifestyle. 

With the prices of land soaring throughout cities and developers aiming to maximize their capacity, there is often very little space left for storage and it usually comes with a demanding price tag. With the boom of short-term rental in recent years the demand for storage space has increased exponentially, and the Bonnet POD offers a solution to all of these problems.


R295 / month
R1485 set up fee / delivery (fist 50km included)


No delivery or setup fee included


Product Features:

  • Hydraulic door (gas struts) for easy opening and closing
  • Adjustable legs (200mm) to fit all levels and angles
  • Constructed with fire-resistant materials
  • 3-way lock system for the ultimate peace of mind
  • Fits a standard 2.5m parking bay
  • 2.5 cubic meters of storage space
  • Holds up to 400kg
  • Fully powder coated for rust protection
  • Solid steel construction
  • Any car can fit underneath
Convenient on-site storage:
  • Good for sports equipment (bicycles, surfboards, golf clubs...)
  • Good for camping gear (tents, fold-up chairs, cooking equipment...)
  • Good for small furniture (TV, chairs, lamps, desk...)
  • Good for AirBnb owners (spare linen, beach umbrellas, coolers...)
  • Good for handymen (tools, ladders…)
  • Good for families (braais, prams, suitcases…)



  • Inside dimensions 2.5 x 1 x 1 m
  • Outside dimensions 2 x 2.5 x 1 m
  • Adjustable height 200 mm
  • Weight 125 kg
  • Weight capacity 400 kg