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Kuilsrivier (English: Kuils River) was originally a refreshment statement for the Dutch East India Company in the 1680s and developed into the town known today as Kuilsrivier. This town is situated close to Stellenbosch, the heart of the Cape Winelands and also boasts a Golf course with impeccable views. Whether you're a Kuilsrivier local or new to town, you can rest assured that PODIt will take care of all your belongings and storage needs. 


PODIT = Pick-up or Deliver it.

We are a mobile self-storage company.

PODIT offers great value for money.

Because of our simple, fast & easy transport and storage solutions, we can reduce the amount of money, effort and time spent.

No more double handling or transportation hassles.

On top of this, you will be saving money as we offer the cheapest transportation and self-storage rates.

PODit delivers a secure storage unit to your door that can be left with you to fill in your own time. PODIT can assist with heavy loading to and from the Pod.

Once it's filled you can lock it and keep your keys while we take the pod to our secure storage depot where it will be kept until you need it back.


We offer assistance with heavy lifting and loading of items to and from the POD.


Let us do the driving: without having to drive a big truck or pay for its gas. PODIT brings your unit to your address.


All moving supplies can be ordered and paid online. Clients are welcome to collect the items themselves or we can deliver it.


We work alongside trustworthy transport companies that can assist with long distance transportation of your goods to and from our warehouse.




Our mobile units are the following:

  • Jumbo POD
  • Large POD
  • Standard POD
  • Mini POD
  • Crates

The above-mentioned PODS are mobile self – storage units that can be brought to your doorstep.

Should you need bigger space; we have half containers and containers that can also be rented on a month-to-month basis. Look at our size guide for guidelines, but please feel free to contact us if you need assistance in choosing a size.


Everybody can!

PODIT has storage facilities in Stellenbosch, Somerset West as well as Paarl. Our Stellenbosch (see map above) Storage Facility is closest to residents of Kuilsrivier and we are happy to help you find the perfect storage space for your belongings. 

Everyone who needs extra storage space:

  • Medical doctors
  • Businesses
  • Schools
  • Sport enthusiasts
  • Shops
  • Industrial businesses
  • Anybody in need of safe shaded or open-air parking for vehicles
  • Anybody who wants to hire a trailer for 24 hours
Why do you need PODIT?
  • PODIT respects your privacy.
  • PODIT brings transport and storage to your driveway.
  • Should you have a half-container or container contents, arrangements can be made for transportation.
  • One payment for moving and storage.
  • Our clients choose the space that fits their needs for moving and storage.
  • Up-size or downsize your storage space whenever your needs change.
  • Enjoy secure storage.
  • Store as long as you want.
  • No extra charge each time you access your pod or container.
  • Our transport and storage fees are affordable.
  • You do not have to buy insurance from us. You are free to use your own or our provider that we recommend.
  • No deposit is necessary, but we require an upfront payment.
  • No property rates and taxes.
  • No water and electricity accounts.

Use PODIT for residential storage...

  • when moving
  • when doing renovations
  • when decluttering
  • for tools and equipment
  • for furniture
  • for personal belongings
  • for storing belongings of your loved ones

PODIT aims to make your experience as simple and stress-free as possible. Our helpful staff will ensure that you receive the best service, advice and value for money with transport, labour and packing materials and storage.

Seasonal items, documents, camping and sports equipment are perfect examples of some things that are stored in PODIT’s smaller units such as our Large Pods, Standard Pods, Mini Pods and Crates.

PODIT’s Jumbo pods, Half-Containers and Containers are excellent choices when in need of temporary transition for furniture, tools, equipment and personal belongings. If you want a stress-free experience that ensures the protection of your belongings, PODIT Self Storage is a phone call away with more information about our size guides.

Commercial Storage: 

Large amounts of files and paperwork are a reality. If you do not have space, PODIT Self-Storage is a wonderful option. The size of storage space can be chosen depending on the different sections of the business that need to be stored by simply choosing the POD size. You can keep tabs on all your important documents and access them whenever you need to. These bulk PODIT Self-Storage solutions will make storing many files, paperwork or equipment hassle-free. Advantages for businesses such as lawyers, auditors, restaurants, shops, galleries, medical doctors and architects include...

  • PODIT brings your mobile unit to your address. Should you have a half-container or container contents, PODIT makes arrangements for transport.
  • one payment for transport and storage.
  • no need to pay for space you don’t need - a big choice from a crate size up to a half container and a full 6-meter container.
  • no long-term leases - PODIT understands that businesses are liquid and are constantly shrinking or expanding; therefore, our leases are flexible.
  • no property rates and taxes
  • no water and electricity accounts
  • no deposit
  • no repairs and maintenance
What businesses often store with PODIT:
  • Administrative filing
  • Long Term filing for SARS
  • Tools and Equipment
  • Slow moving stock items that you need to access only a few times a month or
  • Early stock arrivals needing short term storage

Scholar and Student Storage:

Excellent schools can be found in Kuilsrivier, such as Kuilsriver Technical High School, Irista Primary School, De Kuilen High- and Primary School, Kalkfontein Primary School, Jan Kriel School and many more. Whenever scholars and students need self-storage for the following items (and more!), PODIt is here to help. 

  • moving from a student residence to a flat or university or college residence,
  • vacating your residence room during holidays,
  • archive books and notes,
  • taking a gap year or
  • studying abroad

Why do students make use of PODIT Self Storage?

  • Mobile Self-storage - student apartments has a shortage of parking space and students do not necessarily have access to a truck. PODIT collects your belongings from your address.
  • Online booking system - PODIT accommodates the technological generation with the click of a button. Everything can be arranged online - booking, delivering, collecting, shopping and paying.
  • Choose your unit size and share bigger units with friends or store alone in smaller units. If sharing, the cost can be split between you, but one person will be responsible for the account.
  • If you store alone - only you can access your student storage unit.
  • Length of Storage - you can store for any length of time.
  • Secure self-storage - PODT self-storage has 24hr CCTV, monitored alarms and access controls. This guarantees your belongings are always stored safely and securely.

Pensioner Storage: 

PODIt also offers easy storage solutions for pensioners looking to store some of their items, whether it be long term storage or short term storage during moving. We simplify the stress of moving by delivering your storage unit to your doorstep and taking it back to our warehouse for storage. Pensioners from Edenpark Retirement Village, Andante Retirement Village, Huis de Kuilen, Zevewacht Village, ACVV La Belle, Ags Kuilsrivier Tehuis, Welverdiend Retirement Resort, and many more might use make of our storage. 


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